Google Implements YouTube Gaming Shutdown To Move To Main Website

Google has announced that it will be implementing a YouTube Gaming shutdown in order to move the service to the main YouTube website. YouTube Gaming had previously existed as a separate website and app since it released in 2015, but it’s apparently popular enough that Google is moving it to the actual site.

With the rise of Twitch and the popularity of the streaming service for Let’s Players and video games, Google, after buying YouTube from Amazon back in 2014, formed YouTube Gaming in 2015 in order to compete with Twitch. While it didn’t include many of the moneymaking functions that Twitch did, YouTube Gaming did allow streamers to set up the ability for their viewers to donate money to them.

Multiple other gaming stations and streamers such as Rooster Teeth have since been making use of the stream to run their own streams, including multicam ones and more. Apparently it was so popular to use as well, despite the dominance of Twitch, that Google has decided to merge the service into the main YouTube site, hence the YouTube Gaming shutdown.

The parts of YouTube Gaming that will be added to the main YouTube site include livestreams, SuperChat, and channel memberships. Other functions that came with YouTube Gaming included features like Game Pages to help players get discovered, Super Chat and Channel Memberships that help fans show support for their favorite streamers and gamers, a Dark Theme and a new live streaming platform.

Whether or not the gaming services will continue to be marketed as a competitor to Twitch since the YouTube Gaming shutdown, it will likely still remain a big part of many video game developers and streamers who want another possible source of revenue if streamers want to reach audience members who aren’t a part of Twitch.

You can still use the various functions despite the YouTube Gaming shutdown by going to