FIFA 19 Gives You Warning Against FUT Coin Distribution, Will Get You Banned

FIFA 19 is just around the corner and those who have early access can already start playing the game. Now if you are one of them, if you go into the Ultimate mode, you’ll be given a warning against coin distribution which is something EA has been battling against for some time.

In case you don’t know, FIFA Ultimate is insanely popular and it includes packs which reward you with your favourite player but only purchasable with coins. These Ultimate Team coins have been an issue as many people have sold them on many sites which allows you to buy FUT packs too.

You can even sell your coins and make money out of it and to counter that, EA is giving a fair warning to everyone who’s playing FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. The message talks about how FUT’s in-game market allows players to transfer FUT items to one another, at a fair market value and any other use of this distribution will put your account at risk.

It’s good to know that EA is warning users for illegal use but as you already know, EA has been in news a lot regarding loot boxes and many countries have asked the companies to make changes to it or they will ban these games.

Despite all the backlash, EA hasn’t learned anything and is still sticking to their FUT packs and even says that they are not gambling by saying “We don’t believe that FIFA Ultimate Team or loot boxes are gambling”.

Patrick Soderlund continued further to defend pay to win by saying that it’s a choice and if you don’t like then don’t play it.

After this new addition of warnings in the game, we will still have to see if this causes any damage to the already made black market of FIFA Ultimate coins.

Well other than that, if you are someone who likes to play FIFA Ultimate the right way then you should be excited to know about what’s new inside this year. You can check out here to know the full list of FIFA 19 FUT card types as it’s already been leaked to prepare you before its release.

FIFA 19 is scheduled to release on September 28, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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