Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown: All Things You Might Have Missed

As everyone knows, Marvel knows what they are doing and they never manage to disappoint their fans when it comes to their favourite superhero movies. The upcoming Captian Marvel movie is on its way and it’s set in the 90’s which makes it a prequel to the entire timeline.

The latest movie from Marvel features Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and today we are going to discuss the main key points from the first trailer of the movie including the plot, secret and everything you want to know about it.

As for what makes Captain Marvel special, it’s her powers and the trailer shows us that movie will feature the same story as shown in the comic books. Carol Danvers is seen gaining her powers after being exposed to an alien radiaiton with an unknwon device which explodes right next to her and is full of cosmic energies.

Now that’s not all, you can check out the video above to find out all the key points you have missed from the trailer of the movie.