Method Are the First to Clear Battle For Azeroth Raid

The seventh and latest expansion pack for World of Warcraft, Battle For Azeroth released its first raid called the Mythic Uldir raid. As the raid had the hardest difficulty setting no player(s) was able to complete it even after a week had passed since its released.

However, a professional gaming organization known as “Method” managed to clear the Battle For Azeroth raid before any other in the world did.

The main obstacle in clearing the Mythic Uldir raid was seemingly the final boss for Battle For Azeroth players. Even the UK based Method team had troubles in clearing the raid in their earlier attempts because of this final boss named G’huun. Just a few days back the group even managed to bring G’huun’s health to 12.4 % but the failed try did teach them ways of how to progress through the Battle For Azeroth raid.

It was until last night that the raid was completed by not one but two teams playing Battle For Azeroth. Along with Method, Limit also came close to finishing of G’huun but the UK group beat them in becoming the number one team to complete the Mythic Uldir raid. However, Limit was outsmarted by a pretty small margin and they also put up a commendable fight. All this was a matter of eight days after the raid came out.

Ever since Method cleared the raid with Limit coming just behind at the second number, G’huun has seen a number of other teams join in as well on beating the final boss of the Battle For Azeroth raid. Probably, now that everyone has started to get a hold of him, his weaknesses are pretty much out hence calling for more to come and take the glory by defeating G’huun.

Meanwhile, Method has not the glory’s face for the first time through this achievement. In fact, this marks as their tenth in the list of the world achievements they have had. To take things into perspective, 200,000 people were watching them beat G’huun on Twitch which goes on to show that, this UK based team is not at all bound within a region but has a wide following.

Mix that with the fastest selling World of Warcraft expansion and you get the sensational Battle For Azeroth. As the team celebrated their victory online, the officials were also not shy of making their regards sent on clearing the raid.