First Glitch Found In FIFA 19 Is Insane

While the release of the full FIFA 19 is still a few days away, fans have already got their hands on FIFA 19. Although this year’s FIFA installment has got plenty of inventive features added in the game. Despite all this, one ridiculous glitch in FIFA 19 has been spotted by a fan.

This quite unusual glitch caused the in-game player to have his neck twisted like Stretch Armstrong, the action figure. A Reddit user posted the clip to show the “most realistic graphics” of FIFA 19. The in-game player can be seen heading the ball as he curls up his neck which will certainly creep you out.

Most realistic graphics ever in Fifa history from r/FIFA

This boneless neck in FIFA 19 surely does not incorporate the improvements that EA Sports has brought to the game with the addition of Frostbite Engine. This engine helped the game to bring lifelike graphics to the franchise like never before.

However, this new glitch is not as bad as FIFA has seen in the past installments. For instance, the unforgettable FIFA 14 glitch which caused the players to have gigantic hands was one sight no fan could ever forget. The glitch had a proper key combination to initiate it. Whereas a glitch in the prior title made faces of players disappear.

In the most surprising turn of events, FIFA 18 even saw Premier League Legends like Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville take the field but only as referees. Their appearances were even recorded and shared online by Twitter users.

Apart from all these glitch lets take a moment to appreciate the developers of FIFA 19 who have really worked it out this time around by introducing various modes in the upcoming game such as the House Rules Mode. Additionally, the Survival Mode is also one thing to look forward to in the exciting new features of FIFA 19.

Moreover, the latest FIFA title’s demo is now out, which was the probable source of this glitch. The FIFA 19 Demo has certainly set the expectations bar of the fans much higher than ever. Experiencing the Champions League in the demo alone was one goosebump moment.

As the game unfolds later this month we might as well look forward to a new FIFA 19 trailer. The TGS 2018 starts tomorrow and on the opening day of the event, a new trailer is scheduled for the football game also, in the Sony Lineup for the event.
While some might find these glitches to be a nightmare for the game, some FIFA fans quite enjoy them and look forward to seeing some new weird stuff happening in the game every now and then.