Death Stranding Voice Cast Features Metal Gear Solid Actors

The highly anticipated game is set to make a big appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2018, featuring Hideo Kojima and his team. Just when this news got pretty exciting for us fans Kojima Productions has revealed to us a few more voice actors for Death Stranding. Some these voice actors aren’t going to be entirely new to epic titles as they come as veterans from the widely celebrated Metal Gear Solid series.

The material for Death Stranding has been quite limited for quite some time now. Fans only get to see one or two minor details or tease about the game other than that it mostly has been just speculation. However, Hideo Kojima is keen on letting people know of his whereabouts every now and then which turn out to be quite helpful.

A recent Tweet by Hideo introduced us to the voice cast of Death Stranding for the Tokyo Game Show 2018 event coming to the stage show of Kojima Productions. Few of these voice actor might be familiar to most fans of the gaming community from the Metal Gear Solid series which was also made by Kojima Productions.

The most recent additions in the voice cast of Death Stranding consists of Kejiro Tsuda, who is mostly known for his role as one of the leading characters of Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto Kaiba. Then there is Akio Otsuka, who has voiced the Big Boss and Solid Snake back in the days of Metal Gear Solid game series.

In addition to that, Kikuko Inoue who has also worked with Hideo Kojima previously as the Japanese version of the Boss and Rosemary in the Metal Gear franchise. Moreover, the voice of Japanese Paz Ortega in the Metal Gear Solid chain which was played by Nan’s Mizuki is also included in the cast for Death Stranding.

Furthermore, the famed Japanese voice of Revolver Ocelot in Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain is also announced as part of the heading cast member of the Tokyo Game Show 2018 stage event for Death Stranding. Along with all these Japanese actors, Hideo Kojima also hinted towards seeing a life-size Sam Porter Bridges which is the real-life Norman Reedus. Kumail Nanjiani is also believed to have a cameo part in the game.

As the upcoming game has shown a lot of promise to the audience even though the release date has been reported to stretch further for Death Stranding. Hideo Kojima has perhaps made a fine decision by joining up his previous team for the much-awaited project.

Kojima Productions is set to make their stage event a success as it has been scheduled for the last day in the Sony Lineup for TGS 2018. Everyone has set their eyes on Death Stranding for the event show.