New Death Stranding Gameplay Trailer to Feature “Asylums For The Feeling”

It has been some time now since we have heard something interesting about Kojima’s Death Stranding. Although we have had some amazing trailers over the three years and minor, vague details and that is about it.

Most of the fans already know that Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux were working with Kojima production for Death Stranding. Apart from that nothing else was revealed, however, now it seems like Lindsay and Lea are at the Kojima productions in the UK, recording for Death Stranding.

Which is a good sign for the fans as well since there is this specific tease made by the two, which seems to suggest a collaboration. So at least they may have something more for the fans to hang on to.

Just recently “Ayako” who is the personal assistant of Hideo Kojima took to her official Instagram account and uploaded quite an interesting photo. It seems to be taken at the Kojima Productions, it suggests that both of the artists are there for recording.

Now, what is even more intriguing is the fact that as you can see both of the artists are wearing a black hoodie and on the back of the hoodies, we can see “Poet Meets Death Stranding”. It is a simple sentence but knowing Kojima and how he markets his games, there is definitely something more to it. What does it mean?

Moreover, the soundtrack “Asylums For The Feeling feat. Leila Adu” which was performed by Silent Poets is mentioned in the hashtags. It is a pretty good indication that this song would be featured in the next Death Stranding gameplay trailer.

It is safe to say that the next Death Stranding Gameplay Trailer could feature “Asylums For The Feeling” by Lindsay Wagner and Lea Seydoux.

Death Stranding gameplay trailer is expected to be shared at PlayStation Experience in a couple of months. But there is another possibility, we may see the game as early as TGS 2018. Sony’s TGS 2018 lineup features Death Stranding, a full-on stage show for the game.