See The Opening Metal Gear Solid Cinematic In Glorious Unreal Engine 4

A recent pet project by ex-Crytek dev Erasmus Brosdau has given us a dream that will likely never come true; a Metal Gear Solid that’s been remade with Unreal Engine 4. Brosdau took it upon himself to remake the opening Metal Gear Solid cinematic in that graphics engine, making it look a lot better.

Metal Gear Solid, as one of the timeless parts of the Metal Gear Solid series, focuses around Solid Snake as he is sent to infiltrate Shadow Moses Island, a nuclear weapons disposal facility on Alaska’s Fox Archipelago. The island has been taken over by a paramilitary group known as FOXHOUND, but also held a secret American weapon known as Metal Gear, a walking tank that could fire nuclear missiles.

Snake is sent in to take the island back, making contact with characters that will become well-known throughout subsequent Metal Gear games, such as Hal Emmerich (also known as Otacon) and Merrill Campbell.

The opening Metal Gear Solid cinematic looks amazing in Unreal 4, with a great deal of detail not just in how faithful the cinematography is to the original game, but also to various small adjustments and nods to the original. For instance, the SDV that Snake uses to infiltrate Shadow Moses is designated as K0-J1M-A, a nod to the series’s beloved creator.

Snake and Campbell’s voices have also been adjusted, so even though David Hayter is voicing Snake again, he and Colonel Campbell’s voices won’t sound quite the same as you might remember.

While it’s not the Metal Gear Solid movie that’s being worked on, and it’s likely never going to be use in a remastered Metal Gear Solid game, the Metal Gear Solid cinematic will at least make you slightly nostalgic for how the series used to be, before the days of Phantom Pain and Metal Gear Survive. You can watch the cinematic above.