Photo Mode Is All The Hype For Kingdom Hearts 3 But Is It Happening?

Square Enix’s upcoming game Kingdom Hearts 3 has all the attention it needs but the amount of anticipation to see a photo mode in this game, is way more than that of the game itself.

There is so much commotion over the internet, where fans have gone out as far as to start a petition to see a photo mode in Kingdom Hearts 3.

While another fan of the game, who goes by the name Tonyverse has posted an image over at Reddit, of what seems to be a selfie taken in the game.

It seems to suggest that perhaps photo mode has actually made it in this game. Alongside he said “Ladies and gentlemen, photo mode is happening!” in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Now before you go on to celebrate over this claim, we would recommend you to hold your horses. It may seem as if its true but based on the image, it seems more of a mini-game photo. Which adds to the fact that there is a huge possibility of it being fake.

If you would remember, months back similar stunt was pulled as well regarding the Kingdom Hearts 3, having a photo mode. A user posted an image of similar type, unfortunately, no confirmation came from the devs following that and it too died out.

Now it seems pretty convenient for fans to upload an image and claim it as a confirmation of the photo mode. Provided the fact that this claim is pretty thin on its feet, it would be naive to completely rely on it.

Having said that among so many other fans, a fan of this upcoming game, “Ventus X” seems to have started a petition as well, in which he aims to show Square Enix that photo mode is something which fans really want, and it would be very much beneficial for the game itself.

With all that said, there is no doubt that Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the major projects that is being worked on. Square Enix wants to be sure that it stands up to the expectations. They have ensured the fans that the game will last more than 80 hours.

Apart from that a lot of gameplay changes too have been made, so it would be insane if Square Enix does not include the photo mode in the game.

Bets are they probably have added it but just have not given the confirmation. Now since no confirmation has been given, it should remain a form of simple claim and nothing more.