New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Coming Tomorrow For Tokyo Game Show 2018

The official Kingdom Hearts Twitter page has announced that there will be a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer coming out tomorrow, likely in celebration of this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which will be starting on September 20. From what little we can see on the tweet itself, it might be focusing on Toy Story.

Toy Story was one of the first worlds to be revealed when Kingdom Hearts 3 started getting actual promotional material, making Sora, Donald, and Goofy into toy-sized action figures (which were, according to Rex, based on Pixar versions of Final Fantasy characters). We haven’t learned much about that world since then, but this new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer will likely fill us in.

The other Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers that we’ve gotten have all been focusing mainly on a number of different worlds, such as Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, and most recently Big Hero 6, which was in last week’s trailer. Coincidentally the Toy Story world also got some screentime in that one, but this new trailer coming up will probably give it a lot more focus.

Even though we know that a new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer will be releasing tomorrow, we don’t have any idea of what time it will be released or on what website, though we can likely expect official channels on Twitter and YouTube, possibly Playstation as well.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is supposed to come out on January 29 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, so even with the many worlds that we’re supposed to have in the game we’ll likely get a number of other trailers for other major worlds, especially since this Kingdom Hearts game is supposed to have more worlds in it than ever before.

Once again Kingdom Hearts 3 will be releasing on January 29 for the Xbox One and Playstation 4, but keep on the lookout tomorrow for the new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer.