Each Biome In Just Cause 4 Has Its Own Unique Weather, New Video Reveals

Fans of Just Cause 4 now have something that can give them some really interesting information about the amazing World and Biomes of Just Cause 4.

A new video has been released in which the devs have showcased the game’s world and its biomes, so far everything looks promising.

Starting off the video explores the alpine biome based on the Adess. We see the player using the wingsuit over the towering mountains which tells us that if you need to practice then these massive mountains are the best place. And they are great for huge leaps.

Moreover, in Just Cause 4 you will be able to explore the biome as you prefer; be it on a snowmobile or from the sky. However, remember to be cautious as there are Blizzards arounds.

Then in the video, we are taken to the rainforest as well, where you can see the dense trees that make this biome extremely magnificent. In the rainforest, you will be contending against the tropical storms and the forked lightning bolts as well.

All of which may sound difficult but that is what Just Cause has always been about. Now, we are taken to the densely populated biome, the grassland, which is based on the Pampas of Argentina. This is the place where you will find the cities and those towering skyscrapers.

Aside from that those furry animals which are the part of that biome really step up the level of this game as a whole. Remember those tornadoes you have heard of? Well, this is the place where you will come across them.

Last but not the least is the desert, here you can be assured that sandstorms are waiting for you. They will make sure to obscure your vision so you may have difficulty in traveling. Devs have promised curiosities to play a vital role in this biome specifically.

With all that put into context, there is no doubt about Avalanche Studios hard work that is being put into this title.

Did you know that the narrative focus for this game is based on the player feedback, so we can certainly expect it to to be captivating and up to the mark.

Be that as it may, the biggest aspect of this title in the works is its Apex Engine. According to the devs, this engine has the capacity to literally render vision into reality. Moreover, the devs are also focused on creating the best open world sandbox ever made.

Well, that may be a little too ambitious but nothing that can’t be done.