HashCraft Is A Secret Game From Ubisoft Based On Blockchain Technology

While Cryptocurrency might be seen as a negative thing in the gaming space because of the mining boom and that fact that graphics cards prices went off the charts and all of them were bought by miners, it is worth noting that the blockchain technology on which this is based is not all that bad. Companies are trying to get their piece of the pie and HashCraft is a secret game that Ubisoft is working on right now that is based on the blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is a major development in the industry and you would be surprised to know that multiple companies are already using it in one form or the other. Sony is working on using this technology in order to figure out who owns what on the PlayStation Network.

Furthermore, Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite has just partnered with a blockchain firm, now that cannot be a coincidence. Other than that Microsoft is already using blockchain technology in order to take care of its Xbox Live royalty program payments that are made to developers.

This is all very interesting and it was a matter of time before someone made a game that would be based on the same technology. HashCraft might not be the first keeping in mind that the game is far from finished and is not out yet but a major company, Ubisoft is working on it.

The game takes inspiration from multiple games, like Fortnite, Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. When the game starts, you land on an island which you can customize and build on. You will need to gather resources in order to start your work and once that is done you can get to building. The purpose of the game is to make buildings, quests and challenges for other players to take part in and experience.

Each change that you make to the island is recorded in the island’s blockchain. When you are happy with what you have made then you can make your island public and let other players access the island. Something worth noting is that because your island is on the blockchain, it is decentralized, it is not owned by Ubisoft but the community instead.

The HashCraft experience is never going to turn off because there are no servers and the game is held together by the combined power of the computers of the community. Something that is also interesting is that players will be rewarded for making their contributions to the community with in-game currency that is actually a cryptocurrency.

Outside the game, you can exchange this cryptocurrency for Bitcoin, Ether or cash. This is a very interesting concept and I am sure that people are going to be interested in hop onboard. Having that said the game is still in early development so we will have to wait and see what HashCraft looks like when the game goes live.

Let us know what you think about HashCraft and whether or not this is something that you are interested in checking out.