Destiny 2 Forsaken the Last Wish Shuro Chi Boss Guide – How to Defeat, Picture Puzzle

One of the Taken Hand Maidens that you face in The Last Wish Raid is Shuro Chi. Our Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Shuro Chi Boss Guide will guide you through the entire matchup so that you can sail past the encounter with flying colors.

Our Forsaken The Last Wish Shuro Chi Guide will guide you on how to beat Shuro Chi in a step-by-step manner.

Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Shuro Chi

As soon as you enter the room, kill all of the enemies, and the Eye of Riven. Eye of Riven will drop a debuff which will eventually stack over itself to a total of 10.

Make sure that you do not pick this up until you have to bring down the shields. Grab it before the fight and then Forsaken‘s Shuro Chi will spawn.

She will have a shield that needs to be broken down by grabbing the 3 different prisms that spawn around her.

Those prisms will be used to form a triangle around the boss. The people with the prism should fire lasers at the person holding the other prisms to complete the triangle.

If you are standing on the plates around the boss, then the shield will be broken and you will be able to damage the boss.

When the shield is broken, start firing at Shuro Chi immediately until she calls in her weapon. At that time, the person who has the Eye of Riven buff needs to use their Super and stagger the boss.

This will stop the song that she is singing and you will have more time to damage the boss. She has a total of 6 sections and you need to put her past the threshold if you do not want to die instantly.

If Shuro Chi has been damaged enough, she will retreat to the hallway where you will have to repeat what you just did all over again.

Remember that you need to take care of all of the other enemies before you focus on Shuro Chi. Once you are done with this room, you will move on to the final one.

In the third room, clear the room of all of the minions, and then look at the left wall. Stand on the plates of the missing parts of the picture and complete the picture.

If you mess up a plate, you need to rotate your place with another person or you will not be able to hop onto the same plate more than once. If you do not mess up the picture, then it does not matter and you can continue.

Complete the picture on the center wall as well and the right one. Doing this will spawn platforms which you can use to get to the Eye of Riven before completing the picture puzzle again.

Now, simply repeat this process until The Last Wish Shuro Chi.

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