Destiny 2 Forsaken the Last Wish Morgeth Boss Guide – Eye of Riven, Getting Taken Strength

Once you are done with Shuro Chi, you will come face to face with TLW’s Morgeth the Ogre. Our Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Morgeth Boss Guide will guide you through the entire The Last Wish Morgeth fight so that you can get through this challenge without a hassle.

Our The Last Wish Morgeth Boss will tell you how to defeat Forsaken’s Morgeth without any difficulties in a step-by-step manner.

Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Morgeth

When the fight begins, start by taking out the Taken foes. After that, columns of energy will spawn which will have an orb inside them.

Take the orb to get a buff which will be able to stack twice over itself known as the Taken Strength.

Split into two different teams and take the right and left side. Two players should focus on grabbing the stacks until both of them have two and the third one will need to kill the Eye of Riven to spawn the Taken Essence.

This player should also take this buff. Remember that sometimes, time will freeze and the person who has the orb will be the one who will free everyone else.

When the person is freed, the orb is transferred from that user as well. This means that the player who was trapped will now have 0 stacks of the buff and he will be the orb carrier that needs to free players that have become a victim of Morgeth’s prison.

Keep on repeating the above process until an orb spawns in front of the boss. This orb will open up the boss to damage and then all of you can band together and start dealing damage to the boss.

There will be a lot of Axion Bolts revealed by Morgeth which one of you will need to focus on. When he is low on health, then use your Super to stagger him. Repeat this process a few times and Forsaken The Last Wish Morgeth will die.

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