Destiny 2 Forsaken the Last Wish Kalli Boss Guide

The Last Wish Raid has you battling Riven. Before you can get to Riven, there are many smaller bosses to battle and one of them is Kalli. Our Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Kalli Boss Guide will make this battle very easy for you.

This Destiny 2 The Last Wish Kalli Guide will give you tips and tricks on how to easily beat the boss and move on to the next part of The Last Wish Raid.

Forsaken The Last Wish Kalli

Start by cleansing the corresponding plates at the corners of the room. There are two sections of the room. In the outer sections, go to the symbols and then stand on the similar symbols on the plates that are towards the inner section.

Each plate has three sections and one of them will sometimes corrupt two parts of it. Stand on these plates and cleanse them of the orbs.

The spot that you are standing on will rotate so make sure you are aware of the place where the 2 orbs spawn. Cleansing these plates will spawn a knight which you can kill.

Sometimes, TLW Kalli will come onto the plate and attack. Simply shoot her since she does not need to take a lot of damage in order to be defeated.

Save your Supers until the end when all knights are killed and Kalli spawns in the middle of the room. Here, give it everything that you have and use all of your buff effects to take her down.

Kalli the Corrupted has a lot of health at her disposal so beware and try to utilize your weapons effectively.

If she conjures her weapon over her head, then run into the hidden compartments in the window right beneath her. Make sure you only keep one person in a single compartment or the door will stay open.

Once she has released her insta-kill spell, the doors will open and you will need to take care of many Taken Psions. These are rather easy as you can use your Grenades.

In the end, you will need to repeat the same process that you did 2 more times and eventually, Kalli the Corrupted will be taken down and you will move on to the next part of Destiny 2 The Last Wish raid.

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