Blackout Beta Xbox One Performance Recapped By Treyarch

Now that the Blackout Beta has drawn to a close Treyarch have had a review of the new Black Ops 4 mode. Since it is the first time that the Battle Royale Mode is featured in the Call of Duty franchise, Treyarch wants to perfect it before final rollout.

In fact, the main purpose of the Blackout Beta was to gather insight to make room for improvement wherever necessary.

Treyarch just recently posted a thorough review to conclude how the Blackout mode faired in its one week of open beta. The online discussion forum, Reddit where a vast majority of users interact with one another to talk over various issues is the channel of communication used by the developers.

Developers explained the issues that they have noticed for the Xbox One performance of Blackout Beta. To start with it, the screens reportedly tearing while playing the open beta in Quads is being examined. The most prominent issues listed by Treyarch regarding Xbox One performance in the beta are believed to be stabilized before Black Ops 4 releases.

The first much-required Xbox One fix is for the Xbox button triggering the controller input loss upon pressing it. The other major fix would be to make the invitations to friends at the player’s party more worthwhile and not just through the in-game Social Menu.

Along with the issues, Treyarch also posted some highlighting statistics from the open week of the Blackout Beta. A total of 7.5 million Zombies were killed in the beta whereas 3.5 billion items were picked up. The teamwork in the beta from the players has also been commendable knowing that 26 million revives were done by squadmates.

Treyarch discussed several matters where the full game can be improved and how the Blackout Beta has helped them in figuring out the wrongs beforehand, which was the actual reason behind the open beta. The game can now be offered in the final shape by removing all the issues that have been experienced throughout the week of updates.

This goes on to show that Treyarch is all ears for the feedback of its users and fix any issue before Black Ops 4 comes out of October 12. Developers are ready to communicate in order to enhance the gaming experience of players from the one they had at the Blackout Beta. This would save them the headache of giving a patch to the players to improve the gaming experience like PUBG got.