Sunset Overdrive 2 Is Something Insomniac Would Love To Do

Insomniac is well known for plenty of games, the most recent being Marvel’s Spiderman. When it comes to future projects, there is little that we know for sure but the developer is interested in making Sunset Overdrive 2. CEO Ted Price touched on the matter and he said that this is something the company would love to do.

While this is no confirmation that Sunset Overdrive 2 is in development or that Insomniac is indeed going to work on it, it is still interesting to know that Insomniac is interested in making a sequel. The following is what Price had to say in this regard:

When you establish an IP, you now know what the tone is, you know what the character is, you know what the core mechanics are that work. You know what players liked and didn’t like, so doing a sequel for any game, be it Sunset Overdrive or something else, is an opportunity to deliver something to fans that’s significantly better than the original, and that’s something that I think we at Insomniac would love to do someday.

Sunset Overdrive is a game that was loved and praised and I am sure that there are fans that are interested in playing more. Price mentioned that he was asked about the game by the fans multiple times and that is a clear indication that a sequel could work. Price further went on to mention the following:

I think one of the great things about starting a franchise and having the opportunity to make sequels is that you’ve, in many cases, made the hardest decisions already.

For us, it’s a timing challenge. It’s a bandwidth challenge. but, I do, to your point, feel like there are a lot of people out there who love Sunset, and we’ve certainly been asked, frequently, by fans.

Let us know what you think about Insomniac Games being interested in making Sunset Overdrive 2 and whether or not that is something that you would be interested in seeing.