PUBG Xbox One X Downgrade Patch Arriving to Improve Performance

In efforts of enhancing the gaming experience of its users, Microsoft is setting out a downgrade patch of PUBG for Xbox One X is an association with Bluehole. The development crew is more focused on ensuring that the performance of PUBG on the enhanced console is rather smooth. In this regard, they are looking to offer different Xbox One X performance modes.

Bluehole is more concerned with fixing these matters because Xbox One X has previously been known to have faced some framerate issues. Moreover, we have notified earlier to expect some texture rendering in PUBG on XBox One X for further optimizations.

Community Manager for PUBG Xbox recently addressed the gaming community on the official online forum to inform the users about the downgrade patch coming out tomorrow. The patch would demote the previous graphics settings of the game on the enhanced console in order to improve the performance.

Even though the texture or resolution of the game has been reported by Oreoree to stay the same as before the reflection and shadowing in PUBG will certainly change. Oreoree commented on this matter by saying:
“We wanted to maintain the quality in overall visuals, so to minimize the difference, we only reduced very specific detailed graphics options like shadowing and reflection.”

The highlighted elements which have gone through downgrade as listed on the notes posted by Oreoree firstly confirmed that both the dynamic and static shadow quality has been lowered. In addition to that, the quality of Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) has also been lessened.

Apparently, the Motion Blur, Depth of Field and Lens Flare have all been turned off for the PUBG downgrade patch as well. The Eyes Adaption Quality has also been relegated. This is basically the time it takes for you to adapt to a dark place when coming from a brighter place.

The reflection from windows and such things has been turned off also, which is called the Screen Space Resolution (SSR). Refracted light has been decreased too by turning off the refraction option. Subsurface Scattering (SSS) is gone as well which is used to have the light inside an object to give it a more realistic feel.

Particle light, which is a dynamic light from the different effects such as explosions has been dealt with the same way as the above-mentioned Effects setting in the Xbox One X patch for PUBG. The number of particles created has also been lowered.

Although every Xbox One X user is not facing the issues for which this patch is intended still every player would experience the downgrade on PUBG on Xbox One X. Bluehole and Microsoft are committed to giving a permanent fix to this issue as soon as possible.

The long-term solution that they intend to provide would consider both types of users. The ones who prefer high graphics and those who don’t mind compromising on graphics. They have done it before and lets hope they do it even better again.