Blizzard Throws Permanent Bans For Overwatch Players Using Linux (Updated)

Update: Following the bans of Overwatch players, Blizzard has been taking a look at the issue and have been responding to the concerned players. According to Blizzard all of the bans have been revoked and now players can rest assured get back at the game. Blizzard did not shed much light on what caused these bans in the first place.

Original Article: Well, this is quite an interesting situation the players of Overwatch have found themselves.

It seems like Overwatch players who have been using the Linux operating system to play Blizzard’s hero shooter game have now been banned, like permanently.

Just recently when bans took place, players found out that their choice of OS was the reason for such bans. There is a lot of unrest among the community as fans are not too happy with this situation, they have been pushed into.

As you may know that Overwatch has been playable on Linux for quite some time now and fans have been using this opportunity to play using, Linux operating system.

Now, just recently a lot of players who have been using Linux OS started receiving messages from Blizzard that their accounts have been closed, due to a recent unauthorized activity on the account, which shows the use of a chat program that is not authorized.

A lot of fans have been raged because of this ban, as some of the players have been using Linux OS for over a year without any issue. So this sudden ban is being deemed not appropriate by the players.

One player took to his Reddit account in which he highlighted the fact that he has been playing this game on Linux for over a year so why this ban out of nowhere.

It is also to be noted that Blizzard has also stated on its forum that “playing on Linux or even a Mac while on an emulated Windows environment is not bannable”. However, that does not seem to be the case.

There is no doubt that Overwatch is among the most successful games out there and they have been working really hard on improving the gaming experience. Hopefully, this is probably an issue and Blizzard will be addressing this issue very soon.

So we would recommend you to stay put and don’t lose hope until we hear from the devs about this.