Destiny 2 The Last Wish Vault Puzzle Guide

This Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Wish Vault Puzzle Guide will help you with The Last Wish Vault Puzzle that will see players coordinating with one another in order to succeed.

Raids in Destiny 2 require a lot of teamwork for the players to survive and complete the puzzles and trials. However, players have to figure out the puzzles themselves in order to solve them. That is where our D2 The Last Wish Vault Puzzle Guide comes in to help you the Last Wish Vault Puzzle.

Destiny 2 The Last Wish Vault Puzzle

Bungie doesn’t guide players on how to clear or solve a puzzle and that is half the fun. However, the puzzles could be a bit complicated for the players to solve or figure out.

Getting to the Vault
The Vault is the fourth encounter and like previous phase, a large door will open behind the Morgeth. The door will lead you to the Hall of Two Souls.

Going through the hall, you will see a luminous plate on the wall. Look to the right from here and there will be an opening in the wall.

Heading further through this opening will lead you to a room where Taken Blights are floating and there will be a series of statues. Take the elevator in the middle of the room in order to get to the Vault.

Reading the Symbols
From this point onwards, you need to group your team into two. The Fighting team and the Puzzle-solving team. You must select the members carefully so that those with high intellectual levels are teamed to do the task of Reading symbols in the vault while the good fighters take off enemies.

Your Puzzle Solving team (Decoders) will have to determine which buff they need to cleanse the plate and here they will have to communicate with each other too. Before the cleansing begins, the Decoders have to read the symbols.

Each plate has three symbols, where the Center symbol is irrelevant to the player who can see it. The central symbols help other players to know whether the left or the right symbol on their plate is the correct key for the plate.

This way, a decoder will shout out the Central symbol of his plate, and it will be printed on another player’s plate either in left or right. That perhaps will be the correct symbol for that plate.

This way, all of the decoders will shout their central symbols, and eventually everyone will know which one among left or right of their plates is the correct one.

During all the process, you must keep the Fighting team ready as you will have to deal with enemy encounter too.

Cleansing the Plates
Once the correct symbol on your plate has been determined, you will have to use either Penumbra buff or Antumbra buff to cleanse it.

Use the Penumbra buff if the Left symbol is the correct one and the Antumbra buff if the symbol on the right is your key.

During the process of cleansing, everyone must stay in the middle and away of the three zones. Two of the three zones will then get blocked by the wall of Taken Blight.

You should have players shout out the open zone so that the Decoders can go there to take out enemies waves.

Once a few waves of enemies have been dealt with, the Eye of Riven captain will spawn. After dealing with the Eye of Riven, get the Decoders team back to the zone and have them pick up the buff.

Another zone will open up now while the previous one will be closed. The Fighters who are outside the zone should tell the decoders which zone is open and whether they should move clockwise or counterclockwise.

As the decoders make their way to the newly opened zone, they will encounter enemies. Make sure to shoot the enemies if you are a buff holder.

Once you have made it to the Center room, determine your buff (Penumbra or Antumbra) and take it to the matching plate. Stand on the plate and cleanse it with your grenade. If you are successful, the flame in the center of the plate will vanish.

Dealing with the Knight
Meanwhile all of this, a giant Knight will spawn and attack the plate that is being cleansed. The Knight knows only one task and that is to lock the plate, so despite how hard you try to engage him, he’ll still make a run for the plate.

If the Knight reaches a plate, he’ll stick a sword in the plate and lock it, while all the players will die immediately.

Hence, the proper strategy here is to make the whole team call out the location of the knight so that attacking him is easy. You must destroy him as soon as possible before he reaches the plate.

Similarly, once the first plate in the vault has been cleared, repeat the same process in the second zone for the next reader. However, this time two knights will spawn. Your whole team must coordinate fully here and take out the knights before they reach the plate.

For the third and last plate in the final zone, three knights will spawn. This is perhaps the hardest part, but if you have done the previous two with excellence, you’ll know the best strategy against the knights.

Once all of the three plates have been cleansed in the vault encounter, the entire fight will start over again. You’ll have to fight your way again with same strategies two more times in order to unlock ‘The Vault’.

In the end, after successfully unlocking the vault, you’ll have to face Riven of a Thousand Voices, which is perhaps quite a tough raid boss.

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