Black Ops 4: Console Players Want PC-Like Inventory

Black Ops 4 PC beta is closed at the time of this writing so fans are now taking to social media, Treyarch forums, to give their feedback. Based on the feedback many changes will be made and one change fans wish to see is to the inventory design.

Console players took a look at Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout beta and are not happy with how the inventory navigation works on PS4. According to Reddit, PC design is much better than consoles.

On PC, inventory access is similar to PUBG where “TAB” will let you in on all the items you have including ammo, weapons, gear, attachments etc.

Meanwhile, on consoles players have to scrolls through each item to see what they have. Same is the process while looting.

Here’s a comparison:




The same menu is available in consoles as well but you need to open a completely new window, outside the game to check your inventory. It could get you killed as you are out of the game trying to manage your inventory.

It’s stupid that we have the scrolling option. If we had this all that would need to be done is to have square/x be an equip button.

X to take and square to attach to the currently equipped weapon/swap with applicable attachment. I don’t know why looting is always such a problem for us console players, you’re supposed to be vulnerable so a menu is fine and you can get out of it quickly by hitting O anyway.

Honestly don’t get why they didn’t give console this looting hud, literally 10x faster since we can visually see what the fuck everything is, and when we re-open the bag we don’t have to move right 10x as well, especially when sometimes the D-pad doesn’t work at times in this beta. More games need to utilize the PS4 touchpad as well as I feel like that would help a bit.

It does seem odd but seeing how the community reacted to this should force Treyarch to make changes. Speaking of changes, Black Ops 4 supports NAT based matchmaking which is something that needs to be looked at.

Thankfully, Treyarch is keeping a keen eye on player feedback and plan to make many improvements before the final build rolls out on October 12.