Black Ciri Comes to The Witcher 3

Over the past few weeks we heard of something odd, Netflix was looking for a black female to play Ciri. Fans were worried if political correctness and diversity of the sake of Diversity were going to ruin a beloved franchise?

After fan backlash, it seems Netflix seems to be reviewing its casting choices but we will have to wait and see. However, fans aren’t backing down and have created a black Ciri mod that mocks the ridiculousness of the Black Ciri premise.

The Witcher 3 mod turns Ciri’s skin color black, created a kind of an early mock-up of Netflix’s show. The Witcher series is based on Polish folklore, set in a time and region where there were no people of color. Creating a live-action series that’ll shy away from the source material isn’t acceptable at all. Diversity for the sake of diversity isn’t the road one should take. Doing justice to the source materials to create an authentic series for fans would have a positive result.

For those who wish to see diversity in The Witcher series, download the mod and enjoy a colored Ciri.

The Witcher Netflix series is still in early production stages so anything you hear or see right now is a rumor. Take any information you get online with a grain of salt.