Battlefield V Will Have Massive Maps, DICE Reassures

Now that the Battlefield V open beta has been drawn to a close, fans can finally start focusing on the bigger picture. The developers EA DICE have also been giving updates on what they will be bringing to the full Battlefield V game ever since. However, the open beta has raised one specific concern in the minds of the fans that if the maps in the full game would be any bigger compared to the ones in the open beta.

DICE has assured the fans to not worry about this issue as the open beta was just a portrayal of the game and not the actual game. When Battlefield V releases completely in November it will feature maps much bigger than they are thinking.

However, the fans reacted quite oppositely by complaining about the maps of the beta to be rather small as compared to previous Battlefield installments. Although the comparison was not quite justified, given that they’re comparing full fledge releases with an open beta.

This went on to an instant where fans started having doubts if the full game would feature any big map or not. The developers, however, suggest that the maps featured in the open beta were not the largest ones of the game. Truthfully there weren’t even enough maps in the open beta which actually exist in Battlefield V.

EA DICE reacted to the speculation by sharing snaps of the Hamada map coming in Battlefield V. The end to end distance of 1.5 km of Hamada map in North Africa easily makes it bigger than the Narvik and Rotterdam maps. However, Hamada still under development and unfinished stages. Perhaps, EA DICE decided to use Rotterdam and Narvik because of their small size to make them more manageable.

The Lead Multiplayer Designer for Battlefield V cleared the air for the fans by describing the size of Hamada along with a full picture on Twitter:

Regarding map sizes: this is Breakthrough for Hamada, with a distance of just over 1500m from Attacker’s HQ to the Defenders’ final 5th sector. I’ve added a view from Conquest C to better understand the scale. (BT layout is WORK IN PROGRESS)

In support of this post, another EA DICE veteran stood up and tweeted in support of the EA DICE developers to cool the fuming fans of Battlefield V down. The game even has some detailed grand operation maps as well.