Check Out This Unlimited XP Glitch of Spiderman PS4

PS4 users are having a blast for past few days considering the fact that Spiderman PS4 game has had every fan booked. We all have now seen first hand this amazing game at play.

However, even the finest games aren’t always perfect and often come with some bugs, which can be exploited. Players have recently discovered an XP glitch in Spiderman PS4 and they are exploiting it as we speak.

So if you too want to know what to do and how to do then you are in luck because a Japanese fan who goes by the name, “吾朗真島” which translates into “Mr.Gorō” has uploaded a video in which he has shown how and what to do in order to maximize your player XP.

So first off climb up on top of that building as shown in the video, once you reach the top. What you need to do is get inside that pole. Now how do you do that? Well, while using the top brick and letting go of the wall run button, at the same time you can in a nick of time get inside the pole.

There the drill is easy and as you can see, keep on swinging and multiply your XP points.

Having said that this may be in the exploitation of the glitch but there are other methods as well which you can use to get quicker XP points.

Most of the audience is referring to the Greenwich place, where you can do the Fisk’s Hideout mission over and over again.

As each time you do that mission you earn 3000 XP points which are far greater than the 900 XP points but to be honest using this glitch is less tedious and more fun. However, the Greenwich one is quicker as per recommendations.

Having said that bear in mind that Insomniac will treat this glitch pretty soon since it would not go, with the image of a game that has become the fastest selling game of the year.

Be that as it may, the success of this game is not Insomniac’s alone, Sony and Marvel have had a huge role play in order to make this game as successful as it actually is.