Shadow of the Tomb Raider Return to Hidden City Walkthrough Guide – Cave, Meeting Etzli, Temple of Kukulkan, Free Unuratu

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Return to Hidden City Walkthrough Guide will guide you through each and every aspect of your return to the Hidden City including how to complete all of the objectives that are given to you and find some of the things that you might have missed.

Our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Return to Hidden City Walkthrough Guide will guide you in a step-by-step manner on how to complete the chapter.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Return to Hidden City Walkthrough

Your objectives involve you going to Unuratu’s and meeting Etzli before breaking out of the prison to find the Tomb of Sinqi Chiqa.

In the end, you will need to defeat the Kukulkan Warriors’ Cult. Let us go ahead and look at how you can go through them easily in a step-by-step manner.

Finding the Cave

The first thing that you need to do is to head on towards Unuratu’s home. As you are going there, you will be informed that they have moved to the Skull Cave which is on a lower tier.

There will be an objective marker for you to move to Uchu and Jonah through the crevice in the wall.

Serpent Guard Outfit

In order to continue the story, you will need the Serpent Guard outfit. This is given to you and equipped automatically.

You can change back to the old dress that you have if you want, but remember that you cannot continue the story until you switch back.

It is a good idea to go through the village once again after you have received this outfit as it does unlock a few new side missions for you to complete.

Meet Etzli in Upper Paititi

In order to meet with Etzli, you need to head to the bridge found near the Market District and move over to Upper Paititi.

Go through the opening and follow the corridors. Remember that there are tons of artifacts for you to find here as well as some great loot so stay vigilant and keep your eyes open.

Before you get together with Etzli, you will be able to access a base Camp in the Upper City Main Gate.

You will also be given a side mission known as Collateral Damage – Stay of Execution which you have no need to complete but if you want to complete it, now is the best time to do it because of your current location.

Before you continue the story, make sure to scour the area for artifacts and collectibles, as there are tons of them available in this general area including a Treasure Chest.

The Temple of Kukulkan

You can enter the temple without any resistance and then explore the large room for the resources and the artifacts before moving out the right side near the river. Here, you will be able to engage in a challenge known as Dunkin Bones.

Dunkin Bones – Challenge

This challenge has you knocking 3 different skeletons which hang from their poles into the river.

The first one is below the beam that will crack in 2 during your climb ahead, while the other 2 should be in the area near it giving you even more reason to explore the map, although we mention them in this guide later on as a part of the story.

Breaking Unuratu Free

Now that you need to ensure Unuratu goes free, you must avoid the guards. Leap to the craggy surface and keep on going right. Shimmy right and grab the ledge when the beam breaks in the middle.

Go right and then down the section that you can climb. Wall run past the skeleton and then go left, and then right before jumping to the craggy surface – you can use the Grapple Axe if your jump is not well timed.

At this point, the surface beneath you will start to crumble so you need to move left and go up the wall to the ledge.

There will be a climbable surface on your left which you can use and then take the craggy surface and the numerous ledges on it to climb up higher.

Keep on climbing up using the various different tools given to you and you will eventually be able to climb up the cliff.

You can find an Explorer Bagpack here if you stand beside the post and hang off the side. When you are at the top, tether a rope between the post and the beam on the other side to monkey crawl across.

Then swing to the pole that is on your right to get to the pillar and shimmy right to climb up and leap forward to the cliff face. Here, you need to use your grapple axe to complete the jump.

After that, rappel down, find the 3rd skeleton, and complete the challenge before climbing up and moving further right. Continue along this path until you can find a ledge to jump on, shimmy right and then get to the next ledge.


You can find a crypt after the tethered rope section if you go left instead of right (where the objective will lead you). Another crypt can be found ahead when you cross the bridge by hanging off the edge of the left cliff.

Finding the Tomb of Sinchi Chiqa

Go to the wooden platform and tether a tope to the other side. Go along this path until you can pull the soldier into the water and then go down the wooden ramp to the craggy cliff – use your Grapple Axe.

Keep on climbing up to find an archer that you can pull into the river. Here, you can find a monolith to your right with many collectibles.

To continue the story, cross the bridges to reach Unuratu. Follow him to Upper Paititi until you are close to the tomb. Then, enter the tomb using the wall on your left and using the metal hook with your grapple axe to pull up to the window.

Defeating the Warriors

Many enemies will enter the arena. Take the one out on the central platform first and use the vegetation walls along with the bushes for hiding from the enemies.

Search for lone warriors as you move through the bushes and take them out one by one. Listen to what they are saying, as that will tell you whether they have an idea of your location.

If you do not want to be stealthy, you can use the red explosive urns when enemies are near it to cause a lot of damage. If you make some noise, then a group of enemies may move together and you can bait them into the area with the urn.

Once you get the objective ‘Find Jonah’, you can exit or continue fighting. A Mason Jar is near the exit which you can take.

Just make sure you are not engaged in combat or you will not be able to leave the area – using smokes to disengage will work well here.

That is all we have for our Shadow of the Tomb Raider Return to Hidden City Walkthrough Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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