EA Backing Down From Unauthentic Battlefield V Customizations, For Now

After community backlash, EA is finally backing down a bit from its unauthentic representation of World War II in Battlefield V. Speaking in a recent developer video, Battlefield V producer Andrew Gulotta stated that they heard the community and have addressed some of the concerns players had with customization.

He revealed that for the final game, they have “dialed it down” a bit so less crazy and more authentic customization options will be available to the players. However, at the same time, they mentioned that these items are a part of the game and they can use them at some point in the future;  which means EA will dial it up once the dust from the backlash and negative feedback settles.

We heard the community. We’re still looking at World War II through DICE’s lens, right, but how forward, how crazy we got with some of that? We heard the community and we understand there were some concerns about, hey, where’s the authenticity? We want players to be excited about customizing their characters with authentic gear. We dialed it back a bit. It was pretty crazy. We wanted to offer some authenticity, and that’s important to us, that’s important to our players.

Nothing is off the table. Again, we’ll watch how the community reacts, maybe we’ll try something. The nice thing about the armory, is we can put something out there, and if it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t stick. But first and foremost, we want to start with this authenticity approach.

“We’ll watch how the community reacts,” which is exactly what EA did with predatory loot boxes and pay-to-win model of Star Wars Battlefront 2. The company removed features that generated backlash and added them later in a toned down state. One should expect something similar in this case as well, however, it is still going to be a hard sell since customization isn’t the only issue with the game.

Battlefield, in all honesty, lacks substance and fails to generate the feeling of being in a war. Frankly, it is boring compared to Battlefield 3, 4 and even Battlefield 1.

Source: Twitch