What To Expect From The FIFA 19 Demo Coming Out Today

It is only a matter of a few hours before the FIFA 19 demo is finally out for us to check out what the gaming experience of the full game is going to feel like. It’s been reported that at exactly 16:00 CEST the FIFA 19 demo is going to be live and running on your screens.

As you sit tight and wait for the time to come, here are the things you need to consider while playing the demo of FIFA 19. First, and foremost the download size for the demo is 7.3 GB on PlayStation 4 and 8.0 GB for Xbox One user. The number of players is also limited to be maximum two for the FIFA 19 demo.

The demo is going to be entirely offline and will mainly depict the kick-off mode of the game which is highly anticipated due to the game-changing additions made to the mode for FIFA 19. The matches will be set to an unalterable setting of four minutes per half.

A total of 13 teams are going to be playable in the FIFA 19 demo which has three English clubs, (Man United, Spurs and Man City) and the Italian (Juventus) and French Champions (PSG). Moreover, two teams from both Germany (Bayern and Dortmund) and Spain (Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid) are going to be included in the demo.

The stadiums of all these teams would certainly not be available in the demo but as of now, it is not certain which one is going to be featured in it. Players can adjust the weather options in the match to Clear, Rain, Fall, and Autumn.

It has also been suggested that the demo will have a playable piece of The Journey Mode of FIFA 19 as well. As far as the Kick-Off mode is concerned the Tactics for the match can now be designated through the introduction of a Game Plan according to the scenario of each match.

Now that the basics of the demo are known, let’s know more about the fresh features to be explored in FIFA 19 demo. The defensive strategies have also been given settings like “pressure after possession loss” to give more control of the players. Moreover the shoot button must be tapped at just the right time when the foot of the player is at the required angle of the ball, otherwise, the shot would go well off target.

Another amazing feature is the body feint attack feature where players can show the opponent to go one way by shifting body weight before the ball reaches the player and going the other way after getting the ball. The most overwhelming addition to looking forward to in the FIFA 19 demo would indeed be seeing the UEFA Champions League, as well as the Europa League, make its appearance in the franchise with extensive features.

While you’re at it, might as well check which of the best players in the game are going to be playable in the demo.