PS4 System Update 6.00 Just Improves System Performance?

The latest update version for PlayStation 4 just has just been released by Sony whose beta version had been available to users in the past. Players can now download the full PS4 firmware update 6.00 on their console. However, the PS4 firmware update 6.00 might not be the solution to all the problems which fans had been anticipating.

The previous firmware updates have been known to bring significant changes to the platform. For instance, PS Store search user interface was changed for the better in the 6.0 update. Similarly, the 5.53 update brought transparency towards Sony’s data sharing policy on the table. Although some did cause troubles for users as well.

Unlike these changes, the PS4 firmware update 6.00 seems to have just one main feature to the console. The PS4 system update notification on the console shows only one feature listed for the 6.00 version. The main and only feature is that the PS4 firmware update 6.00 improves system performance.

The latest update can be downloaded on the console which has a size of about 430 MB, however, this differ for each user according to their area or region. Other than the performance improvement nothing has been announced or listed by Sony for the PS4 system update. However, it is expected to cause problems for Sony if we do not hear anything from them soon enough.

Users certainly wanted more than just stability added to their system. This step taken by Sony could cost them a whole lot of infuriated fans after seeing their demands get totally ignored. Everyone wants to get something other than the improved performance from the PS4 firmware update 6.00.

There has not been any official acknowledgment for a detailed catalog on the 6.00 update version yet. Therefore, as of now the latest system update is unfortunately not looking to be the ultimate makeover for the console as users expected.

Looks like the most wanted feature in the market right now for PS4 console owners is still far from its release. The 5.50 update version was also being backed to have the name change feature in PSN but it did not.

A vast majority of users on the online discussion forums are even suggesting to “riot”. On the other hand, some might even argue that Sony is possibly more focused on working to bring PS5 as the final answer. Perhaps, For now, all we can do is sit back and wait for an announcement regarding the PS4 firmware update 6.00.