Witcher TV Series Producer Leaves Twitter Over Ciri Casting Backlash

Lauren Hissrich has decided to take a break from the ongoing criticism she has had to deal with for the past few days regarding the Witcher TV series casting issues. The reason behind the fans disapproving the casting of the Witcher TV series was the reports of the showrunner selecting a woman of color for the character fo Ciri. The backlash strongly condemned this decision as it seemed historically incorrect to cast a colored woman for Ciri’s role.

A vast majority of the gaming community believes that such a decision is just a desperate antiracism attempt because the role of Ciri at no point relates to her being a woman of color. On the other hand, Lauren Hissrich announced herself to shut down from Twitter to turn away from all the negative remarks and focus on writing the Witcher TV series:

It’s time for a Twitter hiatus. The love here is amazing, and the hate is enlightening, like a real-life Trial of the Grasses, except I HAVE to read less and write more — or we won’t have a damn finale. Be back soon with more insight and more Roach. Be nice to each other, okay?

Apart from the confirmation of Henry Cavill being cast in the Witcher TV series, this particular casting was not made official yet. However, even before this addition to cast could be announced with a colored actress taking on Ciri’s role the fans have been labeling it as nothing more than a failed effort to diversify the group of actors in the show just for the sake of it.

In response to this Hissrich defended her decision by tweeting that she, in fact, did not just cast the role of Ciri for the sake of diversity and does not intend to change the cultural heritage of a role:

Will I move through the book and start changing people’s cultural heritage or ethnic makeup or gender because I’m feeling really “liberal” that day? No. That’s ridiculous and contrary to what ANY writer would do, because we are storytellers. Story comes first.

Furthermore, Lauren stated that the Witcher TV series would certainly have minority actors in the show as it is part of the diverse world of the Witcher series:

But will there be minorities? Yes. A man would be a minority in Brokilon Forest. A person a color would be a minority in a small village. An islander would be an minority in Cintra. Mr. Sapkowski has said — publicly, and to me — that the Continent is big and diverse —— in its population, in every way (race, culture, gender, and yes, occasionally skin color, which he said he did not always specify). I’m not sure how people insinuate I’m destroying the books by recognizing that. I’m honoring the author’s own intentions. He told me so himself.

Besides all the backlash some fans still think that Lauren should go ahead and do her thing on writing the Witcher TV series. While some even think that it is just coincidence that she had to do her writing at time controversial time and has nothing to do with the hate altogether.

When she’s done with writing do not expect any spoilers to come out as Netflix has made sure that does not happen. However, the show is going to be filmed in Budapest, Hungary perhaps paparazzi would open something up for us.

Source: GameSpot