The Last Remnant Remaster Coming For Playstation 4 After Removal From Steam

A big story a short time ago was that the last-gen RPG known as The Last Remnant was being pulled off of Steam for unknown reasons. However, we now know the actual reason why; apparently we’re getting a The Last Remnant remaster for the Playstation 4, so there’s no reason for the PC version.

The Last Remnant is an RPG game that originally came out in 2008, being released for the Xbox 360 at first but getting a PC port in 2009, the same one that was removed from Steam several weeks ago. The game is set in a magical world divided into a number of feuding city-states, who war with one another over the existence of powerful magical artifacts known as “Remnants”.

Players take on the role of Rush Sykes, who sets out to rescue his sister and, with the help of a number of new companions, fight against the Conqueror, who aims to take over the world. The game got a weak reception when it was released and got criticized for having low-resolution textures and textures that popped in. But since it’s a The Last Remnant [i]remaster[/], then hopefully they can get rid of that problem.

Whether the game will also get its remaster released onto the PC in addition to the Playstation 4 remains to be seen, but it wouldn’t make any sense for Sony to have two different versions of the same game be added to Steam either, so the Last Remnant remaster will hopefully be the one that’s added back to Steam if Sony ends up releasing it there.

There’s no telling of what else will be in the Last Remnant remaster aside from the regular game, but hopefully it will get the success and praise that it didn’t get when it first released back in 2008. The remaster will be coming out for the Playstation 4 on December 6, 2018.