Destiny 2 Forsaken Blind Well Guide

In the end-game content for the game, while bringing new challenges with the newly unlocked area, the Dreaming City, there is also a new hardcore mode for the elite: Destiny 2 Forsaken Blind Well.

Find out more about how to perform well in the mode, along with info on the tier and the difficulties that you can expect from Destiny 2 Forsaken Blind Well.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Blind Well

In Blind Well, your objective would be to clear waves of tough enemies but with a clear and huge reward associated with them.

First, to get the challenge, you will need to head to the Awoken palace in Font of Starlight, right in the center of the Dreaming City.

Some requirements including at least 560 Power Level for easiness and special items called Charge of Light that will allow you to get on with these challenges.

Either the Charge of Light can be collected via completing different missions within the Dreaming City or if you are in for the rush, a direct trade from Petra for Dark Fragments obtained via Public Events.

Each time you insert this item into the Blind Well, you will be able to face tiers of various difficulties and rewards of higher rarity and power.

There are going to be three tiers of Blind Well with three levels of difficulty. You can get yourself any of the three tokens to get to the tier of your choice.

Keep in mind that in each tier you will face 4 waves of enemies. The first wave will be close to the pillar that is in the middle and then the rest three waves will be scattered around

Prepare for some unforgiving enemies and boss fights some of who will show resistance to bullets while others will require you to have a buff on if you are willing to take on them in the battle.

Tier 1 Blind Well

At the first tier or first wave, it will cost 5 dark fragments and you will be facing Chieftains and Stalkers at first. Then come the Servants of the Plague with their white shields that can only be cracked via a particular buff.

To get the Harmony buff, shoot the Anathema enemies and grab the purple orb to stand a chance against these shielded enemies.

Then, prepare to go all in against the boss, the Herald of the Plague. Employ a similar strategy of bringing down the shields and using high damaging weapons like grenade launchers and rifles to do the job.

Tier 2

The second tier will cost you 13 dark fragments. In addition to the enemy types mentioned above, there will be an additional one: Skreebs. They will explode if they get near you and are extremely mobile.

Deal with them first to avoid taking any damage. Carry on with the fight, face the boss in a similar manner, with enough vigor and strength, you will be able to bring him down.

Tier 3

The third and the most difficult tier of all will cost you 20 dark fragments. The hardest fight in the Blind Well mode and relies on the solid coordination of the team; the solo is suicide as well.

The boss of Tier 1, Herald of the Plague, will be more frequent as mini-bosses in this tier. The boss fight is actually fighting off three very tough and highly durable Heralds of the Plague.

The strategy remains the same, but the difficulty just asks you to be more persistent and consistent in your approach. Get ready to get some legendary gear for all your hard work.

Players have noted an interesting feature in the mode, a glitch you may say, that allows an easy way to end all of these tiers fights with minimum effort and hardship.

Although the glitch is likely to get fixed with upcoming patches, you will want to cash in on it as long as it is there. Remember the spot where you feed in the Charge of Light, well shoot at those Telestos and whenever they explode, you get free kills.

This will help you clear out the hordes of enemies quicker and with lesser ammo spent regardless of the tier level you are fighting them.

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