Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Chests Locations Guide – Find All 10 Ascendant Chests

After you are done with the main storyline of the Forsaken campaign, you will be treated to a new area, The Dreaming City. Holding many secrets to uncover and items to discover, you are probably be lost at first.

One of these challenges includes finding all the Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Chests. Since they can be hidden in all sorts of tricky places, we have put together a Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Chests Locations Guide detailing the locations of these chests and what else you are required to unlock them.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Chests Locations

After making your way to the Dreaming City, you will need a special item that reveals these chests first. To do this, obtain the Tincture of Queensfoil that you are more likely to find in Region Chests of Dreaming City than anywhere else.

Once you consume this special potion, you will be able to view platforms and portals that were previously invisible to the naked eye.

These platforms lead to the so-called Ascendant Chests. Do note that the Ascendant entities will only appear if you get close. Unlocking the chests will reward you with legendary and rare gear.

For locations of these chests, check out the list below with descriptions for each one of them in The Dreaming City.

Ascendant Chest #1
Head to Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector in Divalian Mist, you will need to look for a large boulder with a Pine Tree planted on it.

Make your way there and from the roots, jump onto the platform and turn left to find the chest at the end of another platform.

Ascendant Chest #2
Near the landing zone of Divalian Mist, head east to find a building, enter it, and take a left. You will be able to observe the platform now revealed to you thanks to the potion you drank earlier.

Jump onto subsequent platforms and if you are successful in these puzzling platform levels, you will reach the end with the chest situated there.

Ascendant Chest #3
In the Strand, walk past Petra Venj and behind are you will be able to view the platform that you need to jump on to start making your way to the chest.

Eventually, these platforms will lead you to the pagoda-style tower where you will need to climb more platforms. In the end, you will get the well-deserved Ascendant Chest.

Ascendant Chest #4
Situated in Lost sector of Aphelion’s Rest in the Strand, you will just need to proceed through the sector and you will find the chest where the surroundings feel a little bluer.

Ascendant Chest #5
Head to the Lost Sector of Chamber of Starlight in southwest Rheasilvia. The starting platform itself is located in a balcony at the end of a purple chamber in the sector. Continue along the platforms to reach the chest.

Ascendant Chest #6
The right of the white building located in Rheasilvia, proceed to the small landing and progress until you come across a hovering rock.

Keep hugging the cliff side and you will come across many outcroppings in the way. Drop off a ledge; continue forward along the platforms to reach the chest.

Ascendant Chest #7
In Lost Sector of Harbinger’s Seclude in northeast Rheasilvia, head inside the white building, continue along and fight off some Taken. Then make your way to the room with the bonsai tree and three pillars.

Once you make your way down the stairs and fight more Taken, you will come across the first Ascendant platform nearby. Continue along the various platforms to reach the chest.

Ascendant Chest #8
Making your way to the Lost Sector of The Confluence in Rheasilvia, the Ascendant platform will be near a pillar.

Continuing via the platforms and under the archway, after which you will come to have to proceed via a series of broad and narrow platforms.

Ascendant Chest #9
From the prior chest, drop down and continue past the large Bonsai tree to reach the Gardens of Eslia.

Turn left and continue to reach the pink room where a portal to the Taken lies. Through it, you will eventually come across the start of a series of Ascendant platforms. Continue along to reach at the end of the line and with it, the chest.

Ascendant Chest #10
The last chest can be found by taking the route from Ascendant Chest #8 on this list. Proceed to Crystalline Formation and past the corridor to Spine of Keres area where you will be able to use the Taken portal.

Transporting out of the cave, you will be able to see the first Ascendant platform. In the way, you will cross a bridge, make your way past a lense and onto small islands.

Eventually, you will need to defeat a Taken Captain to progress. Then climb onto another Ascendant platform at the shore of the island and continuing forward leads you to the final Ascendant Chest in the Dreaming City.

This is all we have in our Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Chests Locations Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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