A New Spiderman PS4 Game Plus Update Is Coming, It’s Not Over Yet

With success of such a level, Spiderman PS4 has merely been only five days old and the fans, as well as the enthusiasts, have already completed the game and are demanding for more content. Well, they would be happy to know that a new Spiderman PS4 Game Plus Update is in the pipeline.

There were very few people who were skeptical about the success of the recently released Spiderman PS4. For them particular, those concerns should now be removed as everyone can see the massive success, this game has turned out to be.

However, before we jump on to how successful this game has turned out to be, let us talk more about this upcoming new Spiderman PS4 Game Plus Update.

We came to know of this when Insomniac recently gave a reply to a fan over Twitter. The fan who goes by the name, Tony Parker asked that “will there be an NG+ feature on Spiderman PS4? To which the devs replied with a confirmation.

Although they did say that it is being worked on and they are polishing it, no further details like the release date have been revealed.

Still based on the reply Insomniac added, it seems like this new Spiderman PS4 Game Plus Update is definitely in its final stages. Also, the devs must also have preempted this situation long before the game release.

In fact, bets are that they already have it all polished up, what they are waiting for is to let this game sink its roots, for a little while more before they actually roll out this update. You can refer to it as perhaps a marketing strategy.

Like why would such a huge company miss out on the first update or prepare it after the release of the game? So if this Spiderman PS4 Game Plus Update rolls out soon then it means that they already had it ready and this being worked on reply, was just to the buy themselves some time.

However, if it takes more time than expected, which would not be a viable marketing option as well, then it would mean that they actually were polishing the update.

With all that said, for fans of the game, they will be able to swing back into action real soon, new challenges will are as Insomniac says being worked on. So something to look forward to.

Be that as it may, it turns out that Spiderman PS4 has become the fastest selling game of the year. Which should not be much of a surprise since a lot of reports did suggest this to be the case. So all those downgrade claims seem to also have lost the air as well.