PUBG Becomes The First Ever Game To Hit One Million Concurrent Players For 365 Days

PUBG is already a legend, perhaps a cult for it has nailed down so many flags that most of the game developers, fear from it in a way. While the fear sinks in deep of that game taking over the throne, let us add more to the fear. It seems like PUBG has become the first ever game, to hit one million concurrent players for 365 days.

Yes, that is correct, this global phenomenon may have had a few bumps lately by its competitors but after the recent record-breaking strike, it has made, breaking a major concurrent player record on Steam. The world has yet again be shaken from its roots.

This news comes from the Steam charts, where the whole trend of the concurrent players for this game can be seen. Starting from September of 2017 till the present day, the game has not only managed but has been consistently having, more than one million concurrent players.

In the month of January this year, PUBG peaked with 3.2 million concurrent players, then following that the numbers remained above 2 million till April 2018. After that, the number of concurrent players did drop but stayed, considerably above 1 million.

So for whole 365 days, PUBG has successfully managed to keep its concurrent numbers above one million. With all that said these are just the numbers of players, when it comes to the sales, the same can be said for PUBG.

Back in the month of October last year, PUBG sales skyrocketed to about 22 million copies, then the trend remained the same. The success of this game in terms of sales has been consistently increasing and for the month of February 2018, it still raked at 200 million even despite the fact that Monster Hunter world rolled out.

Alongside PUBG its competitor has always been Fortnite, and both have had a fair share of a tussle in terms of sales and as well as with the number of players.

The Battle Royale mode has become such a huge success and mainly because of these two games that big games like Call of Duty Black Ops 4 too are adapting to this genre. Let us see what they have in store for the fans.