Battlefield 5 Beta Changes Include UI, Spawn Protection, Gameplay, Ammo

With Battlefield 5 getting closer and closer to release, DICE has said on Twitter that they’ll be making a number of Battlefield 5 beta changes between the game’s open beta and the actual released game. These include spawn protection, user interface, gameplay, ammunition, and a number of other things that need changing.

Betas are normally intended to allow studios to decide what needs to be fixed, removed, or improved before the game actually releases, and big shooter games like the Battlefield and Call of Duty franchises know this better than most. Hence all of the changes.

To start off with, spawn protection won’t be in the final version of Battlefield 5, so players will be vulnerable from the moment they spawn in with no chance to get to cover, except if you’re on your very first life in the game so no one can shoot you dead immediately.

In regards to UI with Battlefield 5 beta changes, the UI will darken in response to the background lighting so that if you’re fighting in Russia or some other cold environment you’ll still be able to see your UI on the snow.

Ammunition is also being changed; players can expect to start with two magazines, one already loaded in the weapon and one extra, so you’ll have to watch your shots unless you can find a support with an ammo bag.

Parrot Cam is also going to be getting fixed as well, and the only reason that it’s not performing very well at the current time in the beta mainly because of a lack of high-frequency updates. So, if you run parrot cam on your current character, it’ll work better in the actual game.

Battlefield 5 will be coming out on November 20 of this year for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC and you can expect all of the different Battlefield 5 beta changes to have taken effect by then.