Just Like That, Spiderman PS4 Becomes Fastest Selling Game Of The Year

Spiderman PS4 is off to a positive start to the first week of its launch. Sony’s latest video game has claimed the top spot from Far Cry 5 which was available on multiple platforms as opposed to Spiderman PS4 being an exclusive game for PlayStation 4 console users only. Moreover, it has also become the fastest selling game of all times to be made under Marvel’s tag.

The fact that the sales of Spiderman PS4 have outdone the biggest prior PS4 exclusive, God of War by twice the sales volume is quite outstanding. The superhero video game is now also way ahead of the previously fastest selling Marvel game title, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes by a fine lead.

Spiderman PS4 has quickly started to make its name in the list of most recent single-player PS4 exclusives. Ever since the past year’s release of Call of Duty WWII, it has become the frontrunner in the fastest selling individual format titles too.

The action-adventure game is currently accompanied by another PS4 exclusive game in this week’s UK Sales Charts. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive stands on second with the Spiderman video game at first. Another new entrant in the market, Destiny 2 Forsaken sits at number 8 in the top 10 selling video games.

Meanwhile, the toppers of last week F1 2018 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 came down to 4 and 6 from the first and second spot, respectively. However, the ever popular GTA V still sits at the third number.

Apart from all these praiseworthy routines Spiderman PS4 still isn’t able to knock over probably this generation’s fastest selling superhero game in the UK by the name Batman Arkham Knight. Understandably, the reach of the Batman game was more as it had users from other platforms. Even though the gaming industry in 2015, when Batman Arkham Knight launched was not as active as today in terms of digital sales.

All in all, Insomniac Games have been congratulated for their excellent work on Spiderman PS4. However, the game has not been shy of controversy after recent claims suggested that the graphics of the actual gameplay of Spiderman PS4 have been downgraded. Sony straight up denied these claims.

On the other hand, Spiderman PS4 is even being backed to become the best superhero game ever made with its totally original storyline and dynamic gameplay. Developers might have even hidden some easter eggs waiting to be found by the players during the gameplay.