Rocksteady Studios is Hiring For an Upcoming AAA Title, Superman, Is That You?

The job listings put forth by Rocksteady Studios hint that a new superhero video game could be in the works. After 2015, the much-admired Batman Arkham Series was certainly put to a close for good but the developers are supposedly planning on a fresh AAA title. Rocksteady Studios recently announced some job vacancies which are aimed to work on a “highly anticipated” upcoming project.

The website of the developers displays several job listings which suggest something big is expected anytime now. Up till now, the game developers have not revealed any names as to what projects they’re working on. However, this reveal has shown us that something is surely cooking at the Rocksteady Studios.

The hint was identified and suspected by Resetera forum user “est1992”. Various job listings were found on the official website of Rocksteady Studios seeking proficiency in different units such as marketing, animation, coding, and design etc. A total of 20 vacancies have been recorded so far.

The pattern found collectively in these listings require adequate knowledge of comics, pop culture, and similar issues regarding video games. Moreover, writing and animation requirements also demand expertise capable enough of handling an AAA title.

Furthermore, the contract duration of some of these listings require a two-year commitment which points towards a high profile project. Keeping all these things in mind we can suspect that an announcement could be made as soon as this positions are filled and the project starts to shape up.

Last but not the least, for filling the position of Community Manager at Rocksteady Studios it is clearly hinted that such a job is not merely listed to work on just another game but a significant project:

“The successful candidate‚Äôs deep understanding of social media, highly developed presentation skills and experience in community management coupled with a love of video games will form the driving force behind an innovative and effective promotional campaign for a highly anticipated upcoming AAA title.”

After we couldn’t see a Superman teaser at E3 from Rocksteady Studios perhaps a whole Justice League title might be in order. The job positions have only recently been made public even though they have been open since the start of the month.

These positions clearly propose that Rocksteady Studios are looking forward to having one competitive team to handle their next-gen AAA title to make sure that the campaign and promotion is arranged properly at just the right time of its announcement.