Nvidia GTX 10 Series GPUs To Co-Exist With Nvidia RTX GPUs Till Holiday 2018

With Nvidia, RTX GPUs announced many of you might be wondering that Nvidia will be retiring the GTX 10 series GPUs but that is not the case, not until 2019 as Nvidia has noted that Its GTX 10 series GPUs will co-exist till 2019.

This is according to NVIDIA CFO Colette Kress, who noted during the recent earnings call that Nvidia isn’t retiring its GTX 10 series GPUs anytime soon. She added that Nvidia GTX 10 series GPUs will continue to be available till Holiday 2018.

We will be selling probably for the holiday season, both our Turing and our Pascal overall architecture. We want to be successful for the holiday season, both our Turing and our Pascal overall architecture.

She further noted that aside from RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 it is also likely to launch its GTX 2060 by the end of 2018 which will be likely since Nvidia won’t wait long to roll out the rest of its 20 series GPUs.

The reason why we have mentioned 2060 with a GTX is that a report has been making rounds on the internet suggesting that 2060 GPU will not launch with RTX and will be branded GTX 2060.

As for why Nvidia will be continuing to sell its GTX 10 series GPUs along with RTX 20 series GPUs, Nvidia reportedly has quite stock of GTX 10 series GPUs remaining.

The remaining stock is not only the result of Nvidia’s transition towards the RTX 20 series GPUs but also due to overestimation of cryptocurrency craze earlier this year.

With cryptocurrency craze coming to an end Nvidia was reportedly left with a significant stock of GTX 10 series GPUs which the company will be clearing out which might result in prices for Nvidia GTX 10 series GPUs to drop down especially after the launch on RTX GPUs.

Speaking of Nvidia GPUs, reports have been circulating that even RTX 2080 Ti is struggling to play games at 1080p/60 FPS with RTX enabled like Metro Exodus, Battlefield V, Shadow Of the Tomb Raider and more.

However, this must be taken into account that these games are still in development and Battlefield V ad Shadow Of The Tomb Raider won’t even feature RTX at launch. Developers are still optimizing RTX for their games and we can possibly see improved performance at least for 1080p gaming.

Source: 3dcenter