Left Alive Trailer And Release Date From TGS 2018

As you may very well know that Tokyo Game Show is just a few days apart and pre-game show lineups are underway. So today was the Sony Interactive Entertainment’s pre-Tokyo Game Show and in the event, Square Enix has bestowed us with a new trailer for Left Alive.

The trailer starts with a gunship helicopter flying over, at the location Novo Slava, the date is set to December 2127. What we can deduce from the trailer is the fact that it definitely will depict what it promises. Alongside the trailer, we have also got a release date.

Left Alive is set to roll out on February 28th, 2019 in Japan. Now this date is assuring that it is not too far off, as it will still put us only a few months apart.

Having said that, for those who are not familiar with this game, Left Alive is an action/survival shooter game set in the Front Mission universe, Russia.

For a lot of fans, this upcoming title is also considered as a successor to Metal Gear Solid and not only because of the fact that it has a war theme but also the fact that it includes mechanics, very similar to Metal Gear Solid. Now what is even interesting is the fact that Left Alive is under development by veterans of Metal Gear Solid franchise.

So for fans, this is a pretty big assurance that they have such developers working on this title. A little while back, few details about this game were revealed in an issue of Weekly Famitsu, in which the director of the game, Toshifumi Nabeshima revealed, why this upcoming game is set in Russia.

According to the director, the team wanted something different than the ordinary and that is when they thought of Russia. Furthermore, Nabeshima also believes that the Russian atmosphere and the cold winter is a pitch-perfect scenario, which they needed to use in order to portray the idea they wanted.

So fans can expect good things from this upcoming survival shooter game.