A Wedding Proposal As An Easter Egg In Spiderman PS4 Goes Wrong

We all have seen interesting ways people try to propose their girlfriends, for their hand in marriage. Some like to put it in a glass of wine while others try to make as simple as they possibly can. However, one fan was successful enough to ask Insomniac Games, to put his proposal in Spiderman PS4 as a form of an easter egg.

Tyler Schultz, a fan of the recently released Spiderman PS4 was able to reach out Insomniac Games, back in the month of May. Where he asked the devs for a favor, and it was an interesting one and perhaps that is why Insomniac Games agreed to it.

He asked Insomniac to add a wedding proposal as a form of an easter egg, which they openly agreed to. However, back then there were a few months left and Insomniac did add that will you be able to wait, until September 7? To which he confirmed.

In the game, there is a marquis sign which refers to this proposal hidden around in the corners of the city that quotes:

Maddie, will you marry me?

Unfortunate as it may seem, this easter egg may perhaps be the saddest ever in the history of Spiderman. Turns out Maddie left this poor soul just weeks before, the game released and so the proposal never could play out.

Schultz released a vlog, which seems to have been removed due to some copyright issues, in which he detailed how you can find the easter egg, with that he also claimed that the couple broke up just weeks before this question could pop up.

He also said that he is happy in a way that this proposal was in this game, for most of the people did not understand how this proposal would pan out. Well, least now they know.

I’m actually kind of happy it’s in this game,  A lot of people when I told them how I was going to propose to her, I don’t think they understood that there was a literal piece of this game that anybody can go to.

Now for most of the community, this is a sad easter egg, for which the art director for Spiderman PS4, Jacina Chew has offered her condolences in a reply and has also offered to change this easter egg in the future updates.

Now since we have Spiderman PS4 into context as well, there have been a few claims that this game is a downgrade compared to what we have seen before. To which let us add that Spiderman PS4 downgrade claims are not as bad as most claim it to be.