New Starlink: Battle for Atlas Gameplay Shows Starship And Weapon Models In Action

Ubisoft has released new Starlink: Battle for Atlas Gameplay, featuring fights with the Forgotten Legion, the game’s antagonist. The gameplay video showcases the game’s exploration and battle system with step by step walkthrough voice-over and seeing it in action sure builds up the hype around its name.

As you might already know, Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a sci-fi video game, set to be published by Ubisoft this October. It will be available for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with Nintendo’s hybrid console getting additional exclusive content, featuring childhood hero Starfox.

Apart from the base game, buyers will also get a starship and driver figurines along with additional weapons to mix and match according to your playstyle or quest needs. When attached, those weapons will instantly get switched in the game as well, giving the game some interactivity, even though all add-ons are available digitally as well.

The new Starlink: Battle for Atlas Gameplay video shows how the weapons are used, how you can utilize them to get the most out of their power, both on and off planets. Undeniably, the game looks beautiful, even on Nintendo Switch, which is known to usually have downgraded graphics due to the console’s handheld character.

Apart from completing challenges and fighting the Forgotten Legion, the player will be able to gather items, upgrade facilities and the starship itself.

One thing you might have already noticed about Starlink: Battle for Atlas is its close resemblance to No Man’s Sky. Approaching planets works in a similar fashion and battling in space looks the same as well. We don’t know how the game will hold up on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, however, it looks like a must-buy for the Switch.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas releases on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 16, 2018. Here’s everything we know about the game up until now.