NBA 2K19 Dribbling Guide – Walking Size-Up, Using Flick, Chaining Moves

Although passing and shooting is the bread and butter of NBA, it can be a good asset to have if you know how to dribble. Our NBA 2K19 Dribbling Guide will give you numerous tips and tricks to ensure that you are able to move the ball like a pro between your hands.

Our NBA 2K19 Dribbling Guide will tell you some ways through which you can become a better dribbler in NBA 2K19 along with some tips and tricks.

NBA 2K19 Dribbling

Let us go ahead and look at how dribbling works in NBA 2K19. We will tell you some moves that work great against both AI and Human players.

Remember that dribbling will always be easier when playing against other humans because they do not have a systematic approach to their defense unless they are good at the game.

Use the Walking Size-Up

Although there are many new and old moves which you can perform with the flick of your right stick, the Walking Size-Up is by far one of the best one. All you need to do is to press R2 when walking and then flick the right stick up.

This will not only confuse the opponent but also allow you to burst forward with a massive speed boost. Using this move will be very beneficial and will allow you to make crazy plays by opening up unforeseen space on the court.

Using the Flick Correctly

The dribble mechanics are quite different from last year’s iteration of the game and they are very much an improvement. You can now move the ball between your left and right hands, and it affects how the moves are performed.

You can also move the ball between your legs by holding the RT or the R2 button in the new game.

This gives you a lot more control over the ball. It is much better than last year where it felt like the moves were all robotic and all you had to do was press buttons and pray it worked.

Size Ups

Although we have already told you about the introduction of the Walking Size-Up which is surely going to be a main mechanic in the game, it is important to know that your R2/RT button now acts as the trigger for size-ups in general.

If you have the ball in your right hand, then you can hold the R2 button and flick the right stick to your right side in order to perform a size up. This is also true for the left side but the flick of your right stick is in the reverse order of course.

Chaining your Moves

Although you might be able to dribble your way to the basket against newer players or against lower difficulty AI, you will need to mix your dribbling up with your passing in order to survive in the end.

Remember that knowing when to stop is an important skill as far as dribbling is concerned. If you manage to dribble past a player or two and then pass the ball for an open shot, then you did your job.

If you find out you are unable to dribble past a player, then you can use the Stepback move when he gets too close. All you need to do is to hold R2 and then flick the right stick down in order to perform the step back.

This will allow you to gather your thoughts and reset a little bit before you venture out to attack once again.

That is all we have for our NBA 2K19 Dribbling Guide. Let us know if you have something to add using the comments section below!

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