October’s Humble Monthly Includes Overwatch And More For $12

Over the past two years, Blizzard has offered fans a few limited time offers to grab Overwatch for $20 and it was much appreciated since the game is now a classic when it comes to multiplayer first-person shooters. Humble Bundle is now offering the game for much less than that, including it as a featured game for October’s Humble Monthly along with 8 more games for only $12.

In case you haven’t joined the service yet, Humble Monthly is a monthly subscription service available on Humble Bundle that instantly gives you an AAA title and a few more the day the offer ends. As with any subscription service, you can cancel it whenever you want. Other than the handful of games you get each month, you get a flat 10% off of every purchase on the site’s store so that’s another reason for PC gamers to try it out.

Previously, Humble Monthly featured huge titles like Destiny 2, Dark Souls 3 and Dawn of War 3, with Overwatch joining the service as the first Blizzard title. If you haven’t owned the famous FPS yet, now is the perfect opportunity not only because of its price but also due to the fact that for the next two months, the service will offer free loot boxes for the game for subscribers that continue supporting it.

Note that Humble Monthly supports charity with each of its purchase, with 5% of all earnings being donated to selected non-profitable organizations.

Last month, the service included a strong cast of titles with Little Nightmares, Darksiders 2, Sniper Elite 4, Tales of Berseria and Battle Chef Brigade being available for subscribers.

You have until October 5th to subscribe to this month’s Humble Monthly. As soon as you pay the monthly fee, you’ll get your Overwatch code to start playing, while at the end of the timer 8 more mystery games will be added to your key library for redemption. If you want to get Overwatch through Humble Monthly, follow the link here.