Civilization 6 Switch Port Coming From Firaxis Games, No Release Date Yet

A Civilization 6 Switch port is apparently going to be coming to Nintendo’s console at some point in the future, according to a statement from Firaxis Games earlier today. While there’s no idea of a release date yet, the game is now getting another platform to be played on than just PC.

Civilization 6 is the latest entry in the Civilization series of 4X strategy games, where players take on one of history’s many different civilizations and try to come out on top, making use of various historical figures and units to do so. The game was extremely popular when it first came out back in October of 2016, and now Firaxis apparently feels like the time is right for a Civilization 6 Switch port.

The Switch port, much like the actual game, will allow four players to play against one another in multiplayer games, all over a wireless connection. Players will get the base game, 24 different leaders, and a number of different scenarios to choose from such as Viking invasions, Poland, Persia, and Macedon.

Civilization 6 offers a wide range of different civilizations to choose from, ranging from the Kongo civilization of Africa, the Roman Empire under Trajan, Egypt under Cleopatra, Germany under Emperor Barbarossa, and many more. All of these different civilizations can be yours to play with either by yourself or with friends as you do your best to create a civilization that will last eternity.

Civilization 6 offers a variety of different ways to claim victory as well, such as spreading your religion across the entire world, building wonders that no civilization can hope to match, military conquest with unstoppable armies, or diplomacy, making alliances and ensuring world peace.

Once again there’s no confirmed release date for the Civilization 6 Switch port yet, but hopefully Firaxis will be announcing it soon so that Civilization fans can get ready.