Spiderman PS4 Downgrade Jossed In New Video Detailing E3 vs Release Versions

A new video released on YouTube today has shown that the Spiderman PS4 downgrade concerns are unfounded, or at most not nearly as awful as some people are making them out to be, by comparing them between the PS4 Pro version of the game and the E3 2017 gameplay demo we saw.

The downgrade concerns come from various concerns with other games that had looked amazing in E3 but ended up being downgraded when they were actually released, such as the original Watch Dogs game. Spiderman PS4 downgrade concerns were sparked when a screenshot of a part of the game that had been in the E3 2017 gameplay demo appeared, and seemed to be missing puddles of water on the ground.

This caused a controversy that Spiderman had been downgraded before release (which the devs denied), but according to the new video, that’s not the case. From what we can see in the video, it looks less like the graphics have been downgraded and more that people are thinking that due to a number of different factors.

The lighting in the various areas that we see has apparently been changed to reflect other times of day, and along with those various assets like boxes and building objects have been moved, added, or taken away. Even the puddle issue that started the entire debate seems less like the puddles shrank and more like they were moved to different places.

Camera angles during action sequences and combat have also been changed, with the camera zooming in closer and with added visual effects being visible, so that’s actually an upgrade, not a downgrade.

If anything that seems like the entire game is more a visual upgrade than a visual downgrade. While the game’s resolution and framerate seems to be the same, instead of a Spiderman PS4 downgrade, Insomniac actually added more things, instead of taking things away or lessening visual quality.

If you want to see for yourself you can look at the video further up this article, and play Spiderman exclusively on the Playstation 4 tomorrow, September 7.