Funimation Also Wants To See Dragon Ball Characters In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Over the years, the fans of Dragon Ball and Super Smash Bros. have demanded to see the characters from Dragon Ball in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, unfortunately, it never became the case. However, it seems to be that the odds of this happening are increasing.

As very recently Funimation, the company which brought Dragon Ball into the US, has gone on to the Twitter with a post that sparked speculations. They indicated that they would like to see Dragon Ball characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Now upon taking a look at the post on Twitter, you will instantly understand that this post is just a humorous attempt, to share their perspective and nothing more. However, in the post, an image to has been added in which the silhouette of Broly can be seen, alongside “a new enemy has appeared”.

With all that said, for fans, this post only seems to reinvigorate the passion of the fans to see Dragon Ball Characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So fingers are pretty much still crossed on this actually happening but definitely, odds are increasing.

Be that as it may, this is not the first time Funimation has shared this desire. In fact, the company has on various occasions taken the opportunity to cleary add that they want Goku to appear in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

So with so many fans out there, it seems like Nintendo has turned a blind eye towards this request of the fans. However, if we keep on pushing in, perhaps they just might consider it.

Or it could also be a case that they are letting the hype build in, so when they actually roll something out it goes out to make a huge impact.

Among so many good changes that we are looking forward to, let’s hope that this too joins the fray.