Destiny 2 Tangled Shore Region Chests Locations Guide

Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion introduced us to The Tangled Shore area, giving us more Chests to uncover and unlock. Follow our Destiny 2 Tangled Shore Region Chests Guide on the location of these particular chests.

Destiny 2 Tangled Shore Region Chests Locations

There are 19 chests that will be riddled around The Tangled Shore.

Although these are marked as waypoints on your map, you will still need some directions on how to reach them since Bungie has done a good job of hiding them in all the places you did not think they would.

Finding these gold chests in Tangled Shore will give a nice boost to your Power Level and get you some decent gear.

#1 – Thieve’s Landing
The first one is on top of a building that you can see in front of you as you start from the very first travel point in Thieve’s Landing. Jump and ascend until you reach the very top to open the chest.

#2 – Thieve’s Landing
To the west of the region, up to a platform, you will notice the glowing chest in the dark. Clear out the enemies to and jump towards the chest to open it.

#3 – Thieve’s Landing
Towards the north of the region, you will be familiar with the lost sector there. Use the tube to ascend and once you reach the platform up top, turn left and to make out the chest under the entrance you came from, below the bridge.

#4 – Thieve’s Landing
The final chest in Thieve’s Landing is located near the entrance to Four Horn Gulch. Look for an alcove underneath the alien structure.

#5 – Four-Horn Gulch
South of the region, on the edge of a ridge overlooking the water body.

#6 – Four-Horn Gulch
The right of the door which leads to Thieve’s Landing. The chest can be found on a ridge in a little southwest of the region.

#7 – Four-Horn Gulch
In the middle of the area, look for a small alcove or opening underneath the rocky bridges.

#8 – Four-Horn Gulch
Head straight and north from the previous chest to find one up a cliff.

#9 – Jetsam of Saturn
Towards the south, you will find a crashed and destroyed ship. Simply ascend the metal brides on it until you reach the chest on one of the top-most platforms.

#10 – Jetsam of Saturn
Within the same ship, once you enter it through its southern entrance, head left and look for an opening in the wall above. Climb up to reach a room with the chest present in the corner.

#11 – Jetsam of Saturn
In the north, when there is a bridge leading upward, take a right into the part of a ship’s interior. It will appear to be like a cave, look for the chest in the left corner of the area.

#12 – Jetsam of Saturn
After the previous chest, head straight and into another area via the entrance until you come across some stairs.

Head upstairs and before the second set of stairs, move left and drop down to the platform where there will be a chest in the cave opening.

#13 – Sorik’s Cut
Northwest, at the Red Legion base, drop down to the lower level to find the gold chest.

#14 – Sorik’s Cut
From the previous chest, head forward towards the opening that leads to the stairs and eventually the basement. Hear you need to defeat the Red Legion before you can get your hands on the chest.

#15 – Sorik’s Cut
From the previous chest, head towards the building with the circular top with orange colored stripes. Climb up to get the chest.

#16 – Sorik’s Cut
Now drop down from this platform and make your way towards the turbine structure with the radioactive sign on it.

#17 – Sorik’s Cut
Enter it via the hatch; head up and to the catwalk right of the moving electrical machinery. Move forward a little to climb up the short wall on the right to reach the chest.

#18 – The Cobble
To the northeast, jump across the broken bridges and drop to the lower platform. Then climb up the structure you see in front, as you drop down. It is here that the chest lies.

#19 – The Cobble
Head back to the broken bridges, climb up a huge boulder that leads to another platform to the left. Continue along to reach the opening of a cave where this Tangled Shore chest is located.

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