Destiny 2 Forsaken Bounties Guide – Where to Find, How to Complete

Alright cowboy, up for taking down a wild target in the wild world of Destiny 2? Let us take a look at all the Destiny 2 Forsaken Bounties in the Forsaken expansion along with the locations for these and how to take down the targets themselves.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Bounties

Bounties, for those of you unfamiliar, are hunts for rewards that you can acquire from the vendors in the game using Ghost Fragments. These can be earned via completing the Public Events.

Completing these Bounties reward Guardians with Glimmer, the in-game currency, and Legendary Gear that they can equip to increase their Power Level.

There are both weekly bounties and daily bounties so they form an integral part of the Destiny experience.

If the boss enemy or target is not there even if you followed all directions closely, then maybe another player took him out.

Wait for him to respawn, you can exit to Orbit and then come back to the location. All the targets of bounty are highlighted with capital letters: WANTED. You can track these targets via your inventory.

We look at the additional bounties that have been introduced with the Forsaken DLC.

Metal Captain

Location is the Drain Lost Sector on Earth EDZ in Outskirts District. He will belong to the Fallen enemy type with the yellow colored health bar. Take on the smaller enemies first, and then proceed to the Fallen wizard.

Kurg, the All-Seeing Force

Location is the Pit Lost Sector on Earth EDZ in Firebase Hades district. You can enter the area via west of Firebase Hades, the European Dead Zone to be precise. Keep your distance from the boss enemy and take out the Cabal enemy types first.


The enemy spawns randomly outside Devrim Kay’s church located in Trostland, south on Earth EDZ.

It resembles Servitor and is dealt with by dealing damage to its weak point: the eye. Make sure to search all around the church for the enemy, as there is no fixed location.

Zerz, the Unstoppable Weight

Located in Pathfinder Crash Lost Sector on Earth EDZ in the Firebase Hades district, you will need to enter the sector via the cave entrance to encounter the boss enemy.

This is a guy with some damaging flamethrower attacks; target the back for maximum damage.

Dust-Choked Thrag

Located in Excavation Site XII Lost Sector on Earth EDZ in the Firebase Hades district, you enter it from the mountainside. Head inside the cave to confront some Cabal enemies until you encounter Thrag, the Cabal Centurion.

Aim for the back and avoid slipping or sprinting into the abyss.

Mazan, Lost Captain

Located in Widow’s Walk Lost Sector on Earth EDZ in Trostland District near the church, enter it via the western entrance of church; you will be able to recognize the symbol. Defeat the bad dude to earn your reward.


Located in Methane’s Flush Lost Sector on Titan in Siren’s Watch district, the sector may be found at the edge of the region, to the northeast.

First, take out the smaller enemies and then take the fight to Karugul. Make sure you always keep him behind the pillar to avoid getting directly hit by him.

Fortifier Yann

Located in The Quarry Lost Sector on Earth in Sunken Isles district, you gain entry to it via the mountains in the center of the district, through a small alcove. The heavy armored Yann will give you a tough fight but remain persistent and keep healing.

Subterranean Mind

Located in Pariah’s Refuge Lost Sector on Mercury, you need to use the entrance located to the southeast of the region. Try to deal damage to the machine’s left extension of arm first. Bring down that alien of a machine to get your reward.

Splendid Mind

This enemy will spawn randomly on southeast Nessus in the Glade of Echoes district. Stay outdoors to encounter the boss enemy.

He might pose some problem due to his shield and defenses but with help of explosives and melee attacks, you will get yourself to victory.


Located in Ancient’s Haunt Lost Sector on Nessus in The Tangle district, the enemy belongs to the Hydra class with a rotating shield to improve his defenses. Head up close and use your supers to deal with him.

Ghaul Devotee

This enemy randomly spawns in the Lost Oasis district, Echo Mesa on IO. Move around and search for him within the area. He is quite a tough foe. Dodge his projectiles and use melee weapons for best results.

Student of Beltrik

Located in Exodus Black district, Arcadian Valley on Nessus, the enemy spawns randomly in the area. Patrol around to contract him. Beware of his explosive moves.

Blood Cleaver

Located in Grove of Ulan-Tan Lost Sector in Lost Oasis district, Echo Mesa on IO, you’ll encounter an area in between which only allows you to use melee attacks and grenade to deal with smaller enemies.

Since the actual boss can be quite tough, you need to be around 540 Light level, otherwise, it is better to team up with someone on this bounty. Destroy the cylinders to bring down his shield and then finish him off.

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