Compatibility Of All Nintendo Games With Cloud Is Uncertain

It appears as if past few days have been a little heavy for Nintendo fans, with the natural disasters hitting Japan to the delay of Nintendo Direct and now the news that not all Nintendo Games will be compatible with the cloud system, which is being brought in with Nintendo Online.

A Japanese Twitter user who goes by the name, Minori aka “@MIN 428” recently posted an image taken from the back of the physical edition of the game Hakuiki Shinkai Fuukaden de Switch. Now in the image, we can see a few lines written in Japanese.

If we translate those specific lines, which he and everyone else is pointing out, it reads:

Compatible with the system in the cloud of saved, Nintendo Switch Online.

So this seems to have had everyone under the impression that mentioning this especially on the back of the game that whether it is compatible with Nintendo Online Cloud service or not, is a big question mark. Like why would they mention it in the first place, if all Nintendo Games were compatible?

Well,  not only a few fans have shared a similar thought apparently, this theory initially comes from Go Nintendo, where they highlighted this same point.

This theory may seem logical but it would still be too early to comment on this. Provided the fact that we had a Nintendo Direct scheduled for today but due to unforeseen circumstances, it got delayed. Now there had been a few rumors which seemed to suggest that this, Nintendo Switch Online service may be revealed at this Direct.

Due to this fans seem to have taken a deep dive towards the uncertainty of Nintendo Switch Online, altogether. So what we can gather from the current situation is that it would be better, to wait for Nintendo Direct to reschedule and let it play out.

Only then will we be able to know, the true situation of Nintendo Games with cloud and, what it all actually means.