Nintendo Direct Delayed Due To Earthquake In Japan, Until Further Notice

If you have recently watched the news or have been active on the social media, then you might already know that an Earthquake has recently struck Hokkaido, Japan. Since this earthquake was a devastating one, Nintendo has recently decided and announced that the scheduled Nintendo Direct for today has been delayed, until further notice.

This summer has been a tough one for Japan specifically, to put it in better words it has been chaotic.

Experiencing multiple natural disasters like deadly floods, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, and heatwaves. A lot of casualties have taken place, so it does seem to reason that delaying Nintendo Direct was a viable option.

The announcement was made on the official Twitter account of Nintendo, where they revealed the decision to delay this Nintendo Direct presentation. Adding to that they also announced that at the moment, there is no other date, however, they will be providing the audience with “a new date and time in the near future.”

To be honest it is a really considerate decision made by Nintendo, that is to say, that if this was delayed as a consideration for the losses and not as a market strategy.

Having said that a great many details were expected to surface at this Nintendo Direct. Most of the fans were all hands on deck, to know more about the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Talking about this direct taking place, apparently until yesterday it was only in rumors and no one was sure that it will be actually taking place today. Of course, due to this unfortunate disaster, it getting delayed also gave the confirmation of it taking place in the first place.

Leaving behind the unfortunate event that has taken place, some big reveals about Nintendo Switch Online are in order.

Putting it in easy words, this Nintendo Switch Online is assumed to be a proper online infrastructure that if rolls out successfully, will expose a whole new generation of games into classic Nintendo NES games, as well as, provide the users access to online play.

Getting access to online play means that users will be able to save data on the cloud with games that are compatible.

With all that said, it might be a while now before we get to hear more news, about the delayed Nintendo Direct.